Owatonna Healing Arts

July 1 through October 29, 2021 at the Owatonna Hospital.

The Healing Arts Program is a collaboration between Owatonna Hospital and the Owatonna Arts Center.

To purchase a piece of artwork, call the Owatonna Art Center at 507.451.0533 or use the links under each image to purchase online.

The art will remain on display at the hospital until the show ends.

landscape painting white tree trunks and a river
  1. Bemidji Bog Walk: Lost Keys

22” x 30”

$600 $500

Watercolor on paper. 

         This is about things lost and things found. We returned to our car in Lake Bemidji State Park to find that the keys were gone. We retraced our steps but had no luck. The next spring I checked at the ranger station and they were in the lost and found!

landscape painting tan tree trunks, and a small island
  1. Boundary Waters Island Campsite

5” x 7”


Watercolor and ink on Yupo Paper. 

         This is based on a campsite in the BWCAW. Amazing how trees can find a way to grow from rock.

purple and green landscape with a person sitting by a tree
  1. Waiting for Something Unknown to be Made Clear

16” x 12”


Watercolor on paper. 

         This is a response to the poem Downpour by Lisa Higgs. It was on display at Red Wing Arts in May and June of 2021 as part of the Poet Artist Collaboration.

blue and yellow abstract painting of a skein of yarn
  1. Fading Yarn

7” x 5”

$100 $80

Watercolor and ink on Yupo paper. Curving overlapping shapes and lines in a skein of yarn. Childhood memories of watching the skein get smaller as it got used up.

semi-abstract painting of a woman with flowers in her braided hair
  1. Flowers in her Hair

12” x 9” 


         Watercolor and ink on paper. My daughter liked to do interesting things with her hair. The shapes remind me of skeins of yarn. This ink drawing has a watercolor background and some acrylic paint details.

green and orange abstract painting of knitting needles
  1. K2P2 with a Double String

12” x 9”

$175 $150

Watercolor on Paper.

Knitting is about taking your time. Knitting for someone else is a way to give them your time. This was part of an exhibit at the Benedictine Center in St. Paul titled, “Seeing God”. I was honored to be part of the multi-faith event.

green and white painting of a dandelion
  1. Dandelion after a Long Dry Spell

5” x 7”

$100 SOLD

Watercolor and ink on paper.

This was painted outside when it was raining lightly. It was my first day out painting in a long time and I was determined to not let a little rain stop me. It was also the first day of rain in a long time. The rain was needed.

painting of a branch and leaves outside a window.
  1. WindowView

15” x 11”

$250 $200

Watercolor and Gouache on Paper.

Organic shapes on a grid. That was my beginning thought for this image. It evolved into a painting about being stuck inside when nature is just on the other side of the glass.

painting of raspberry leaves
  1. Raspberry Leaves

7” x 5”


Watercolor and ink on Paper.

Finding raspberries on the trail is a wonderful treat. I am grateful for the gifts we find in nature and the interesting shapes that attract my attention.

Painting of a tree trunk with some dead branches

10. Tree that needs Pruning

6” x 9”

$125 $100

Watercolor and ink on Paper.

This tree’s branches tell us what it needs. Pruning encourages new growth. I do love a good metaphor. What are the things I could remove and where would the new growth appear?

abstract painting with curved lines and areas of various colors

11. Walking Far

26” x 18”

$600 $500

Watercolor on Paper.

This non-representational painting was created after a long walk. I wanted to convey the feeling of pushing your body to its physical limits and feeling good about it.

semi-abstract painting of a woman sitting on rocks next to a fast moving river

12. Summer

24” x 36”


Acrylic on canvas

A 2014 painting about enjoying painting outside next to rocks and water. Part of my personal healing process is reclaiming this experience.

abstract painting of oak leaves on a dark blue and tan background

13. Dancing Leaves

8” x 8”

$70 SOLD

Acrylic on Wood

The lines are carved into the acrylic paint to reveal the layer of white below. I like the idea of fallen leaves dancing.

semi-abstract painting of tree trunks and branches with white lines and a dark blue and tan background

14. Night Tree Contours


$70 SOLD

Acrylic on Wood

It is a pleasant experience to walk near trees at night.

semi-abstract painting of rectangles and half of a bridge over a river

15. Half a Bridge


$70 SOLD

Acrylic on Wood

A bridge is a connection between people and places. Build your half and then see what happens.

painting of an ivy plant in a jar

16. Ivy in a Jar



Watercolor and ink on paper

A cutting of a special plant I’ve had for a long time. Putting it in water allows it to grow roots so it can be planted in a pot of its own.

painting of waves on rocks

17. Grand Marais Artist’s Point


$100 $80

Watercolor and ink on paper

A pleasant memory is Artist’s Point in Grand Marais, watching the waves wash up on the rocks.

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