Something Important

The previous post about the billboard contest is what I was working on while my friend Rachel was preparing quesadillas for her family and mine. I hit send, we ate and then piled into two cars for an evening of playing in the water at Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota.

My daughter did not come back with us. She fell and hit her head. The past week has been hospital time and arranging a memorial service.

I do plan to continue Paint and Hike. My daughter would not want me to let anything hold me back. If she thought that she caused me to stop my creative efforts, she would be genuinely upset.

While in the hospital chapel, I made this using a photo my nephew shared with me.
The “Donate Life” flag at St. Mary’s in Duluth

Those of you who have been through similar situations I am sure will agree: tell your loved ones that you love them. Be open and talk about your wishes for the end of your life. Live your life purposefully. We can’t do everything and that is ok. Choose something and do it. Now. If it is important you can make time for it.

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