Katherine Abbott Park, Mahtomedi, Minnesota

This community park is a 76 acre jewel. Ponds, trees, and rolling hills create variety in the scenery you will experience as you enjoy walking a few miles here.

I appreciate a well-marked trail!
This park is left natural and I appreciate that as well. The trails are a mixture of surfaces. All well maintained.
A bench with a roof. Great idea. This is a great spot to sit and paint.
I paused here a bit to enjoy the look and smell and feel of fall.
This is Long Lake. It is across the street to the south of the park. I lived very near here when I was 4,5,and 6 years old. I tried to remember being here but the road is different now. Someone walking their dog showed me how to get through to the street where I used to live. That will be for another day.
One area of the park is a beautiful open meadow. A variety of native and invasive plants. The sumac is starting to turn bright red.
I parked at Wildwood Park and walked on the bike trail to get to Katherine Abbott Park. Others were out walking too. There was flooding on the trail up at the north end of my walk and there was a pump running that seemed to be working on the flooding issue.

This is a great place to go for a quick walk if you do not have a lot of time. Free parking both at Wildwood and Katherine Abbott Parks. Lots of great places to sit and the scenery changes every tenth of a mile or so.

For me personally, it was significant to me that I was so close to a place where I used to live. Memories are stronger when I’m in the physical place. Even though it looked completely different I knew I was close and that was good enough for me.

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