Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis

Today I am tethered to a hospital waiting room as a family member has a lengthy surgery. A few blocks from the hospital is a neighborhood park with a small lake, trees, hills, and paved paths. I am without hiking footwear and the paths are icy, but I made it work. It is not a place for a long walk. It is basically a huge earthen bowl with nothing to block the wind on this 5 degree day. (-20C) The houses and apartments that make up the surrounding neighborhood look to be about 100 years old which is antique in Minnesota. The few blocks between the park and the hospital were also an enjoyable part of the walk.

Trees and hills and open space.

I am thankful for the invention of the cell phone that allows me to leave the building and still be available for messages. Every hour I get a text that says, “Things are going well”. I am grateful for that. I still do not want to stray too far just in case the next text has instructions for me.

As I continue my effort to maintain a habit of creativity, I find myself drawing indoor things. Drawing more often, but mostly on sketchbook pages. I am walking more often, almost daily, but shorter distances. Is my art about indoor things because I am glad to be back inside where it is warm? Is my art still a response to my exploration of nature? My inner critic is confused. Is this change good or bad? Walking and drawing more often is good. Almost never doing long hikes or big paintings is not so good. This is probably a necessary stage in establishing the habit. Regardless of what my day has in store, I can take a few minutes to do what I love.

Drawing and knitting are good to do after a winter walk.
Icy path and a small lake.

I also had time today to catch up on reading some blogs I follow. I am grateful for those individuals that put themselves out there. There are so many interesting ideas and places and projects and people. It restores my sense of wonder. Life is amazing. Sitting in the hospital waiting room I overhear many interesting people from a wide range of backgrounds. Everyone has a story. Everyone. Currently I am keenly aware of the fact that I am surrounded by strangers all focused on the preciousness of life. I am glad to report that for both my family member and for my creative efforts to be a hiking artist, “Things are going well”.

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