Como Park

This is the largest, most historic park in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is also the location of a lot of my personal history. I remember going to the zoo as a child. I remember my brother getting sick on a carnival ride. In my 20’s and 30’s I lived near this park and often jogged the 5k from my house around the lake and back again. Countless times over the years I have visited this park to entertain children, meet friends, or relax on my own.

One of the many featured objects in this park. This one is a memorial to men who died in WWII.

On Sunday I had the goal of walking 10 miles in one day. I just wanted to see if my body could take it. A single loop route or an out and back route would be risky. What if I needed to stop when I was far from the endpoint? I started out at Central Park in Roseville and got 2 miles in before it was time to go to church. After church I had an entire unscheduled afternoon and good weather (not terribly cold and not raining or snowing). It was exactly what I needed to be able to focus on putting one foot in front of the other and nothing else. I had 8.9 total miles that day and that was enough.

Screenshot from “map my hike” app. I tried to use as much of the trails as possible without going over the same section twice.

There are so many aspects of this park I could write about. At this point of the post it is time for the visiting details. Most visitors park in the lots near the zoo. I recommend parking near the pavillion. In future posts I will write about the zoo, conservatory, merry-go-round, statues, monuments, frog pond, Japanese garden, Bonsai trees, rainforest building, education spaces both inside and outside, the lake, the pavillion, and the neighborhood.

Walking toward the Pavillion parking lot. The lake is on the right and that white building is the pavillion.

2 responses to “Como Park”

  1. I felt like challenging myself and 10 is a nice round number. Usually my walks are 2 or 3 miles. Thanks for the comment!


  2. I think 10 miles in one day is pretty ambitious. I am glad you enjoy the outdoors


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