Superior Hiking Trail: Highland Street to Lincoln Park

Some time has passed since this hike. It was the first day of three days of hiking in Duluth. I am grateful for the help of my friend that provided transportation to and from my car and a place to stay overnight.

Keene Creek in Duluth, Minnesota
The trail follows Keene Creek at first.
birch trees along a dirt path
Birch grow in bunches.
Map that includes Lake Superior College and Keene Creek Park
This hike was 6.85 miles (11 km). There was backtracking near the beginning because I misread a fork in the trail.
two wood boards make a path through the woods
Up hills, down hills.
In the valleys it is marshy.
Thankfully, trail volunteers placed these walkways here.
view of Duluth/Superior harbor with plants in the foreground
I highly recommend taking the longer way around the Brewer Park Loop.
Great views of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin!
dirt path through long grass and a yellow fire hydrant
This fire hydrant seemed out of place…
ferns in the woods
Lots of ferns, moss-covered rocks, and dense foliage.
huge rock in a park
Elephant Rock, Lincoln Park, Duluth, Minnesota

The original pick up location was Enger Park, but start was delayed and the going was slow. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology this was not a problem. New pick up location of Elephant Rock was easily communicated. This bit of exposed bedrock is a landmark in Duluth’s oldest park. You can read more about it here:

I’ll refrain from repeating my awe of this area. If you missed the other two recent posts about sections of the Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth, go to my home page or select “Trails” from the menu.

Coming Soon: McCarthy Beach State Park and Blueberries!

two watercolor sketches of blueberry plants.
Work in progress.
See final product in next post soon!

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