Dallas, Oregon

Is the weather always perfect in Oregon? As a Minnesotan, I am obsessed with the weather because it is ever-changing and has a huge impact on my daily activities. All four days of this trip had temperatures in the 70’s, partly to mostly sunny, low humidity, and a cool breeze. My complaining instinct went dormant.

Dallas, Oregon is west of Salem. It is a town full of friendly people and public art and a downtown that looks like the set of a family-friendly movie. It has a century-old stone courthouse in the town square surrounded by fun shops. City Park has a few miles of footpaths and bridges over a creek. Due to an ankle injury, I am limited to only walking a few miles at a time. That is just fine for this trip. There is plenty to see.

mural of butterfly wings
A fun walk in Dallas, OR is to find all the butterfly/angel wings. We found 11 of the 12 murals, each one very different from all the others. The idea is that if you stand between the wings it looks like you are the angel or butterfly.
mural depicting the fire of 1898 in Dallas, Oregon
There are also murals about the city and its history.
courthouse under renovations
Polk county courthouse is getting some renovations. There is also a Polk county in Minnesota, so that made me look twice.
Base of a large evergreen tree
This tree is in the courthouse lawn. That trunk is such an interesting diagonal shape!
a path in the woods and a post with the words, "Creek Trail"
In City Park, there are trails and a creek and a meadow and a frisbee golf course and other cool things to see.
oregon grape plant
A blueberry look-alike! I looked it up: Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon grape)
Edible, but usually used in combination with other ingredients. Not sweet. The twigs are used to make a yellow dye. Thanks wikipedia.
water, bridge, trees, rock
City Park has lots of water, greenery, and bridges.

Dallas, Oregon is a great place to spend an afternoon exploring. I found myself constantly saying, “Cool! Look at that!” If you like public art, independantly owned shops, and walking paths, you will like Dallas. This Minnesotan was pleased that neither bug spray nor a jacket was required.

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