Silverwood Park

The loop trail at this regional park is just over 1 mile (1.6 km). Many outdoor sculptures add to the visual variety you will experience on this walk. Most of the trail is through woods with some areas of grassland. There is a small lake with a spur trail that allows you to explore the island on the other side of a footbridge. This is a popular spot for weddings, classes, dogwalking, and many types of gatherings. If you are looking for solitude, this is probably not the right choice. If you want to be surrounded by nature and art in a place close to the city, this is what you are looking for. Their website is a great resource .

I chose this park for my hike because the number of hours available to me was uncertain. I needed to be close to my car. An out-and-back hike was not an option. My plan was to keep doing laps around the loop until time was up. Multiple free parking lots are in the center of the loop along with the main building that has modern restrooms, a restaurant, art galleries, and meeting rooms. I managed four loops before I needed to leave and I was back to my car in a few minutes.

Walking in circles might seem unproductive to some. I disagree. I found it to be a good use of my time. My mind was able to be still as I simply put one foot in front of the other without needing to make decisions about which way to go

frost on a leaf
Frost on the leaves at the beginning of my walk caught my eye. By the second lap, the sun had melted most of the frost.
people on a wooden bridge
A special day for two strangers. Best wishes to them!
ice and weeds and a lake
View of the island from the mainland.
trees and brown oak leaves
There are multiple dirt trails that cross the main paved trail.
spherical aluminum sculpture in the woods next to a lake
Many sculptures are located throughout the park. Something interesting at every turn. Most have information posted with websites if you want to learn more. Those posts are on actual wooden posts. I like that.
inside an old weathered boat with a steering wheel.
This is part of one of the sculptures that is made of old weathered boats. It reminds me of the inside of a whale. It also reminds me of time spent with family on lakes. It also reminds me of times as a child building things from old weathered wood.

If you go here, also check out the inside of the main building. Galleries of local art, coffee, sandwiches, information about classes, it is a great community gathering place.

If you are familiar with this place and notice something I failed to mention, please comment!

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