Langton Lake Park, Roseville, Minnesota

This is a small park with a paved trail that loops around a small lake. The loop is only .6 miles (1 km). There is a spur trail that is about .5 miles. The last time I was here, I had a few hours to wait for my car to have work done. I made 3 loops around the lake and went out the end of the spur trail and back. Add in the .8 miles between the park and the mechanic shop, and I walked a total of about 5 miles that day. It was a splendid clear sunny winter day. I think the temp was around 15 degrees farenheit (-10 C). I could have been more comfortable if I had another layer for my face, but it was not bad. I needed to stay out of the wind and this park made that easy because of all the trees. The industrial areas nearby have expanded in recent years which causes the trail to be less of an escape from the city than it used to be. It is still my favorite for a quick walk between errands.

narrow road in woods in winter
The spur trail that extends north from the loop around the lake.
map showing walking route
5 miles. 8 km. Three times around the lake. There is a great independantly owned coffee shop right where I turned on Fairview. Grateful Table.
park bench half covered in snow
Snow can tell a story! Someone decided to sit, but only needed half the bench. This happened after the big snowfall, but before the most recent snow dusting.
ruins of old building in snow
This is the historical part of the park. The remnants of a 19th century smokehouse.
cottonwood tree in winter
Cottonwood trees grow fast and large. They were a popular choice around here in the mid-20th century. Their bark has texture that is deep.
cockleburr plant in winter
I have written about these before. Cockleburrs. In this photo you can see the barbed ends that will stick to your clothes, hair, your dog’s fur, or you can press them to each other and make sculptures.
informational park sign
On a different day, my friend and I were walking here while this sign was being installed. Here it is! Everything you would want to know about Langton Lake Park. Nicely done, sign crew!
Hear the crunch of the snow under my feet as I go over a small bridge and end the video at the historical site. I encourage everyone to try winter walking. If that is not an option for you, this is the next best thing. Happy New Year.

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  1. Thanks Georgina and Micki!


  2. Very nice! I especially like the photo of the cockleburs.

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  3. You should be working for the tourism bureau

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