Bertram Lake, Monticello, Minnesota

Otter Creek

The full name is Bertram Chain of Lakes Regional Park. Quite a mouthful. We walked over 11 miles on a warm day. Felt good. What I really like about this park is that the bike trails and walking trails are separate. “On your left!” is not as common here as in places with shared trails. Do be careful at the intersections. Their website says 4 miles of walking trails. Hmmm. I thought we were on official trails the whole time but maybe not? Backtracking when we came to a bridge that was under construction added some miles but does not explain how 4 miles turned into 11 miles. A mystery.

Parking at the south end is next to a picnic area with a portable toilet. This seemed to be the home base of a large group of bicyclists on the day we were there. Very pleasant and polite people and again I’m glad they had their own trails.

Parking at the north end is close to the beach, playground, and YMCA camp. It looks like they are building new structures at the very north end. It looked like camper cabins and one larger builing for gatherings. I’ll be interested to see what it becomes. Here is their website if you want to read more about it.

A mix of sun and shade made us grateful for each transition and cool breeze. When we came to the absent bridge the first time, it was early in our walk and we didn’t mind turning around. We were starting to tire when we realized that we would need to turn around again and almost turned right away. We decided there would be satisfaction in completing the map and seeing the creek from the other bank. We were right . At least that is how I see it and my friend said the same.

Usually the main thing that holds me back from longer hikes is the time it takes. I dislike being hurried, I like being immersed in the walk. This day was a luxury. There was no need to check the time. To just simply walk and talk until tired and then eat lunch in the shade of a beautiful tree is a splendid thing.

I wonder what other people do to get that feeling of being completely immersed in something. For me, both walking and painting can get me there. How about you?

2 responses to “Bertram Lake, Monticello, Minnesota”

  1. In response to your question, I write. Hours can and do go by… That feeling of being fully present and open to a sense of flow a gift available to all of us, I believe, through trying different experiences and listening to what helps us to feel revitalized.
    As always, thank you for sharing your explorations.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your reaction. I agree that the sense of flow is a gift available to all of us. Well said!


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