Rush Creek Regional Trail

This is a throwback to pre-Covid days. These pictures were taken on March 12, 2020. On the drive to the trailhead I listened to the radio announce everything that was closing. While on this walk, I called my dad. The plan was to drive to Northern Minnesota the next day to visit him for the weekend. I told him maybe we should wait until this virus runs its course. At first he thought I was being over-cautious. I might not remember all the details of this story exactly, but I do remember him calling back later and saying that yes, it was a good idea to stay put for awhile. Both of us thought it would be a week or two and things would be back to normal. I think both phone calls were on this walk. I started at Coon Rapids Dam and headed west about 5 miles. It was a short distance past Highway 169 where I turned around. This was an out-and-back long walk. I am not sure that a paved flat trail counts as a hike. If you have strong feelings on that, please share.

tree-lined bike trail in early spring
I appreciated that there were lots of curves in the trail. I like that better than a straight line.
signpost for trail distances
This trail connects to lots of other local trails.
trail map
At Winnetka Ave (103) I backtracked a little bit because I thought I missed the restroom. It was still closed for the winter. Later in the season I returned here and it was closed because of Covid. Not sure what the current situation is, but winter is coming.
bench and tunnel and bike trail
The busy road crossings were either tunnels or bridges. Only Winnetka Ave was a crosswalk.
curvy paved bike trail
In the summer I imagine you would not be able to see the houses at all. It would feel like being far from the city.
paved bike trail in early spring
Spring Break in Minnesota.

Right now in Minnesota the trees are in peak color. I would love nothing more than to take off for a week of hiking. It is not in the cards. I have to be satisfied with short trips. A couple days ago I was in a boat with friends on the Mississippi River near Minnehaha Falls. We were outside and far enough apart, I hope. The color on the trees was amazing. For a few hours it was almost like things were normal again.

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