Coon Rapids Dam: East

Saturday, October 10, 2020 is the day I refer to as “today” in this post. 10-10-20. This might be my third post on Coon Rapids Dam. The most important focal point today is that I want to enjoy the beautiful weather. All other tasks and goals are pushed aside, just for a little while. To be honest, I do want to see if I can cover every Trail. For some reason that is a goal that appeals to me today and why not. My reward will be the map my phone creates as it records where I have been.

Three things influenced to my decision to come here for my walk today. First, I didn’t want to drive too far. Second. I wanted to walk in the woods or by a river away from traffic. Third, I didn’t want to run out of trail. I wanted to be able to walk and walk and walk without having to double back very much. At Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park I walked 8 miles without even crossing the river. There are more miles of trails on the other bank that were available to me if I wanted to keep going.

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