Beaver Island Trail, St. Cloud

From the campus trailhead to the fire station trailhead is about 3 miles (5 km). If you like, you can enter this trail very close to the exit off Interstate 94 and walk all the way to the edge of downtown and then cross the river and wander through Munsinger Gardens. That might be closer to 10 miles (16 km).

map of Beaver Island Trail in St. Cloud, Minnesota

It is a paved bike path. In the winter it is a shared use trail. In the snow, I saw evidence of hiking boots, fat tire bikes, and cross country skis. The Mississippi runs swiftly here. There are islands that squeeze the flow into narrow channels. I always considered St. Cloud to be one of the largest cities in Minnesota. I looked it up and was surprised to find that in the 2010 census it was only number 11.

  1. Minneapolis
  2. St. Paul
  3. Rochester
  4. Duluth
  5. -10. suburbs of Mpls and St. P
  6. St. Cloud (in my opinion)

I could go into a whole discourse on the metro-centrism of Minnesotans and my internal struggle of coming to terms with my identity as a suburban white female, but not today. Let’s enjoy the snow on this warmer-than-it-has-been-lately day.

I am thinking a lot about the people all over the country who are not enjoying the winter weather, not even a little bit. The cold can be miserable if you don’t have proper shelter and background knowledge about what to do and not do. I see there are lots of online resources for learning how to deal with cold weather so I am glad of that. As I find out more about Texas and the suffering there, I am angered by the greed of those in power who are responsible for the disruption of power. On top of that they are sending people huge energy bills. Unfair. If you know of organized efforts to do something about this, I am interested. Feel free to comment.

One important tip for staying healthy in the cold is to eat warm food. After our walk we each had a pasty at the Olde Brick House downtown. Highly recommend!

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