White Bear Lake

This is both a lake and a town in Minnesota. Years ago, it was a resort town but now has been enveloped by the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. It still has that resort town feel. A downtown full of shops, galleries and restaurants that is easy walking distance from the lake. At one end of town is the marina. At the other is a public beach. In between is an idyllic walk along Lake Avenue. One side is lined with homes and the other is the shore of White Bear Lake. I appreciated that the width of the walking/biking trail is greater than the width of the roadway. Cars are required to travel in one direction only: away from the marina end. You will see homes that appear to be 50-100 years old with a few that look like they could be 19th century. One has a sign out front indicating special historical significance. I admit I did not stop to read it.

stone bridge

No, it did not snow again in this location. These photos were taken over two years ago. I had not posted about this walk yet because I was planning to do more. Here is an example of a time when perfectionism resulted in inaction. It is a hard lesson to learn that we are good enough just as we are. Getting something down on the canvas or getting something down in writing is better than putting it off. Advice I often give to others and am still learning to do myself. If I do return to White Bear Lake to take photos of a new season, I can always update this post.

Until then, I urge you to stop putting off your projects that will make the world a better place. We need you! Imperfect is better than nothing!

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