Red Wing, Minnesota: Memorial Park

I’ve been to this park before and was disappointed at the lack of longer trails, but this time I found them! Follow the park road all the way to the end. It is called “lower quarry”. I walked 5 miles (8 km) and did not get to all of the trails. The landscape has hills, cliffs, and ravines. Often there are views overlooking the Mississippi River or the city of Red Wing. Most of this park is up on a bluff with parts of the city all around it.

I was in Red Wing to drop off a painting that will be part of the Poet-Artist Collaboration exhibit that opens on April 30 and goes through June. Red Wing Arts is in the train depot building downtown. Once, long ago, I rode the train from St. Paul to Chicago and I remember it stopped there. The stop was too short to explore the depot. I was glad to explore a little more this time. An exhibit of art by Red Wing High School Alumni was fun to see.

I am adding to this post now. It was written before the verdict yesterday. I was teaching a class when my phone started buzzing every few seconds. My friends from Centennial for Racial Justice were all making arrangements to meet downtown to be together for the announcement. I was not able to join in person but was so relieved that the jury found George Floyd’s murderer guilty on all counts. It is a tiny bit of justice, a step in the right direction. I hope our state can continue this work of reform and reparation. I watched a lot of the trial. His guilt was proven beyond a reasonable doubt but because of a long list of other acquittals we were worried. I am grateful Minnesota can exhale.

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