Moose Lake State Park

If you are travelling between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Duluth, Minnesota this park is a great place to stop and stretch your legs. It is just off the freeway and has just over 5 miles (8 km) of really nice trails arranged in loops that let you choose your distance.

My friend helped me create this panorama on the Tall Pine Loop. Such and amazing place!

It is a great park for busy people like myself! Lately I seem to have barely enough time for all the things, always racing from one thing to the next and I need to grab my outside time when I can get it! The mild weather in October 2021 in Minnesota made it possible for me to take advantage of the short bits of time that presented themselves.

Do stop in the ranger station at Moose Lake State Park. They have an amazing exhibit of agates and Minnesota geological history. It reminded both my friend and I of a childhood memory of touring an iron ore mine and being given a little plastic package of iron ore pellets, taconite pellets, and taconite powder. Maybe that was a common experience of Minnesota children in the 1970’s?

I hope you are able to grab those short bits of time and make the most of them! Swap stories with someone, learn something new!

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