Charles A. Lindbergh State Park

This park is a great place to stop and stretch your legs anytime that your travels take you through Little Falls, Minnesota. I walked most of the trails here in a few hours. It is a beautiful place with interesting history but not a place for an all-day hike. These photos are from December 3, 2021.

I’m impressed that the Lindbergh family donated this land to the state for a park. As you walk, I recommend taking the time to read the signs. I did not know that Charles Lindbergh Jr. piloted his father, a US Congressman, all around Minnesota campaigning for a seat in the Senate. The field where they took off and landed is here. I also did not know that young Charles was a farmer and built a bridge to make it easier to get to the sheep on the other side of the creek. He ran the farm when he was only 18 years old. It seems that he had lots of practice in visualizing a big project and then making it happen. Such an interesting life.

When I came upon the hike-in campsite, I knew right away that I wanted to reserve it for this spring. I want to fall asleep listening the water of Pike Creek only a few feet away. My only concern is that it is not too far from the picnic area, which makes me wonder if it is private enough. I’m willing to give it a try.

I was in this part of the state on this day because of a memorial service. I was already thinking about the past and how each of us has our one life to make into something of our choosing. It was serendipity that this was the park I chose. I was able to walk until dark and learn about yet another interesting human. This was the place of his youth. The stories on the signs were from the time before he was famous but they illustrated the experiences that made him who he was. I thought of my own childhood and the times I spent outside making things, watching nature, swimming, canoeing, walking, tending the garden, and building forts. In that place he probably did a lot of the same types of things. Interesting how all of us are not so different. Yet some of us become artists and others become aviators. Sometimes we can get caught up in wondering if we made the right choice and think that some occupations are more worthy than others, but this line of thinking is folly. When we are out walking in nature we are all equal. The animals and the trees do not care about your occupation. The animals just want to know if you are a threat, or are you going to feed them. That’s it. Maybe that is a big part of why I love being out in the woods so much. It is simpler. I can just be me and that’s it. Nothing else is required.

The 0.5 mile stretch of trail on the west side of Pike Creek was my favorite. Not only was it along a ridge with the river nearby, but the sun finally came out. Most of this walk was in weather that was gray and cloudy. When the sun shone through the trees and created intense color, I had to pause. It was so beautiful.

Have you been to this park? Please add your thoughts or information about staying here. Have you stayed at the hike-in campsite? How was it?

One response to “Charles A. Lindbergh State Park”

  1. Tammy, thank you for the reminders both of one of my favorite parks and larger perspectives and truths. I’ve not camped at the hike-in site but did enjoy tent camping in the general area many years ago.


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