boot in leaves

Hike in Place

My gratitude for the people in charge of the trails near me is immense. Now that Covid19 is in Minnesota we must keep to ourselves and not travel so my gratitude for nearby trails is even greater. I hope there are places you can walk or hike close to your home. Wear a face covering if you are near others and stay 6 feet apart when passing on the trail. If you live near Minneapolis or St. Paul, here are six choices. If none of them are near you, stay tuned, I’ll post again with more. I included a link to the website for each park so you can check on their status before heading out. If you are limited to a virtual experience, there is a video of a walk in nature. Enjoy.

Vadnais-Snail Lakes Regional Park, Shoreview, Minnesota. This is the north end of the loop.
Is that a beaver? The trees that have died because of the flooding are good news to them.

Getting outside is so important for my mental health, maybe yours too? I strongly encourage you to find some way to connect to nature as often as you are able. If you are sheltering in place you may have to get creative. Planning for future hikes and walks can create optimism which is also important.

Be well, fellow humans.


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