Bunker Hills Regional Park

This is a place where you can walk for miles. Like paved trails? Got ’em. Like earth-surface trails? Got ’em. Like loop trails? Oh, there are loops upon loops. Name almost any outdoor activity and you can probably do that here, too. Ride horses, play golf, swim, camp, picnic, take the kids to a playground, it’s all here. The campsites are wooded and not too close together. There are shower/restroom buildings. Near one of the picnic areas is a very well designed Veteran’s Memorial. There is an entrance fee. $6/day or you can get a $30 Anoka County Parks annual pass.

My visit was on a drizzly Sunday afternoon. There were plenty of people at the playground and walking dogs and running and biking and horseback riding. The waterpark looked like they are doing renovations. It is a good time for it since they are not allowed to be open yet. Here is bunkerbeach.com so you can get current information.

So basically this place is amazing. If you have followed my blog lately you know that I have been doing some racial justice work and I often ask myself what can a suburban white lady do that is actually helpful? How can we create a world where all people feel valued and welcomed? I hope it is helpful to point out the fact that I did not see a single person of color. Would a person of color feel welcome here? I do not know. I hope that if you are white and you see a person of color when you visit here you will not act fearful or offensive or overly friendly. Let them enjoy the park just like you. If you are a person of color planning to visit here, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and please let me know about your experience.

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